Countdown 4
Published On: December 4, 2020

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Ok look, I am a the last person you want setting fashion rules (can we all please just wear cozy pajamas all the time? I think things would be better if we made ‘comfy’ the most important factor in picking clothes from here on out).  But every now and then folks write to me asking which socks to make for the person in their lives who likes very sedate socks.  And really? This is a terrible thing to ask me because my initial response is always ‘isn’t this the perfect time to foist off some sort of plaid lace monstrosity on them and make them squirm?’  But if you actually want to be nice and do something chill, this could be just the ticket.  The foot is all ribbing (if ribbing is too exciting for them, they’re beyond my help), and the cuff has just enough going on to be lovely and fun to work (and it’s got nice straight lines, which the sedate sock set tend to be better able to handle than anything swirly).  Though if you make it in a nice screaming pink, it gets a whole different vibe!

What’s going on? I’m doing a December countdown! Now through Christmas Eve, I’m putting one pattern a day on sale for 25% off. Each sale only runs one day (until 11:59pm eastern time), so grab it while you can. Each day’s sale is listed here on the blog, on instagram, and on twitter, so you can keep up with it wherever you like best (because wow am I not filling everyone’s inbox with email about this every day, I’m not a monster).

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