Countdown 9
Published On: December 9, 2020

Spicule is on sale for 25% off on ravelry or payhip with the code COUNTDOWN.

Look, I have this problem. This problem where I get a good idea and then just sort of run with it.  And that’s how you end up with these absurd patterns with three glorious cabled hats (which would already be a lot to have in one pattern) plus teeny tiny ornament versions of them (because my god can you imagine giving someone a hat as a present with a tiny version of the same hat on top of the package as a bow…that’s just lethally cute).  And I am trying to cut back.  I’ve gotten much better at keeping the patterns to something more closely resembling a reasonable thing.  But, well, my prior excesses are still out there haunting me!

(Oh, and just as a heads up, this is totally one of the patterns I’m raising the price on in the new year. The gigantic patterns that probably should have been two or three patterns from the start are going to be priced accordingly starting some time in January.  I haven’t quite decided the full list of patterns I’m doing that to, but if you look at it and go huh, that looks like several patterns, not one, it’s a pretty good guess it’s on the list.  Just so you have a bit of a heads up and can grab it now if you’re so inclined!)

What’s going on? I’m doing a December countdown! Now through Christmas Eve, I’m putting one pattern a day on sale for 25% off. Each sale only runs one day (until 11:59pm eastern time), so grab it while you can. Each day’s sale is listed here on the blog, on instagram, and on twitter, so you can keep up with it wherever you like best (because wow am I not filling everyone’s inbox with email about this every day, I’m not a monster).

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