Countdown 15
Published On: December 15, 2020

Exigencies is on sale for 25% off on ravelry or payhip with the code COUNTDOWN.

Do I expect you to make it in these colors? No. No I do not. I expect that you have infinitely better taste and a much more developed fashion sense. But I was making them for a baby. And you can put basically anything on a baby’s head and it’s adorable (plus they’re a baby, they can’t fight back very well yet).  So I embraced my inner chaos muppet and went a little outside my usual color palette.  You can do something all tasteful and sedate and refined.  I mean you don’t have to. But you can.  (Oh and don’t worry, it comes in the traditional massive range of sizes…just because I happened to knit it for a small person doesn’t mean you have to the same thing!)

(Pssst, this is a reminder that some time in January I’m taking most of the patterns that should have been two separate patterns to begin with and raising the prices on them to better reflect that they’re really a set of patterns. I do not have a full list of which patterns I’m doing that to, but if you look at it and think ‘hmmm, that appears to be a hat and a fingerless mitt’ or ‘hmmm, that appears to be several completely different hats’ there’s a darn good chance it’ll be changing. I only mention this so you can grab it now if you’ve been meaning to but putting it off.)

What’s going on? I’m doing a December countdown! Now through Christmas Eve, I’m putting one pattern a day on sale for 25% off. Each sale only runs one day (until 11:59pm eastern time), so grab it while you can. Each day’s sale is listed here on the blog, on instagram, and on twitter, so you can keep up with it wherever you like best (because wow am I not filling everyone’s inbox with email about this every day, I’m not a monster).

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