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Published On: December 19, 2020

When I mentioned on instagram that I will almost certainly not be doing a pattern for this hat (because this color is flat out impossible to photograph well and I don’t wanna), a couple of folks asked why I bothered to show it at all then.⁠

The answer is mostly ‘coming up with a constant stream of stuff to cram into the gaping maw of the internet content machine is surprisingly tricky.’ No, really. I try and post between 7 and 14 different things to instagram every week (plus blog posts, plus tweets, plus pins when I’m clever enough to remember it). ⁠

That’s…that’s a lot…a whole lot. ⁠

Once you try coming up with stuff to post (and write about) every day, day after day, for weeks and months and years on end, you learn to take advantage of whatever comes along, content wise. It’s a survival tactic.⁠

So you can bet that if I buy yarn and swatch it and knit it, I am for sure going to post about it. Even when it’s eye-searingly bright yarn that will get turned into a “please don’t mistake me for a deer” hat but will not get turned into a pattern.⁠

And really, it seems like a whole bunch of folks liked finding out about the yarn so you can make your own “don’t murder me while I take a walk” goodies. Because wow are a lot of you also worried about the folks with good guns and bad judgement out cavorting in the woods.

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