It’s been a while
Published On: December 28, 2020

If you’ve been around for a long long long long time you might recognize these. But we’re talking years and years and years.⁠

⁠They’re my very first slipper pattern. They went away at the beginning of the year (when I took everything down for the massive reformatting project that I thought would be the main task of 2020, you know, before we all switched our attention to ‘survive a pandemic’ and ‘see if our democracy completely collapses or limps along for a bit longer’), and they’ve been one of the most requested patterns while they’ve been away.⁠

I wanted to reknit them so I could take new pictures (my existing slippers have been well worn in the six years since they came out and are still going strong, but six years of wear does leave things less than photo ready), and I’m finding them a delight to revisit!

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