Froth and Fluff
Published On: January 16, 2021

This is fine. I’m a grownup. This is a valid use of my time. ⁠

I am not at all a distractable child, easily led astray by the nearest soft, fluffy object, completely susceptible to the charms of pretty colors. Nope. Real live grownup here. This is fine.⁠

For folks who’ve been here before, your suspicion that this is Palpitation is correct. And the yarn is Seven Sisters Arts’ Matrika base (Karen is doing nifty little heart kits, so keep an eye on her page for more on those).

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to work on coming to grips with the fact that I just sort of want to hunker down and make these for the next few weeks. I, who am normally completely immune to sentimental nonsense (no really, I am cold and dead inside, seriously), find myself wanting to make these and mail them to everyone who has made this last 12 months just the tiniest bit more bearable.⁠

I suppose as far as coping mechanisms go it’s not the worst one I can think of…⁠

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