Wear shades
Published On: January 21, 2021

Did you think I forgot The Orange Hat Of Not Getting Shot? Because I totally didn’t. It’s just…slightly slow going. Because sweet woolly lord but it’s bright. And somehow I can only work on it for a little while before I find my eyes wanting to rest on something more mellow…like the burning surface of the sun.⁠

Just for the record, this is 100% NOT a complaint about the yarn. I selected it with the hope that it would, indeed, be eye-searingly bright. And it has done that job admirably! Should you be in search of similar levels of retinal abuse, I highly recommend it (I really like the base and will happily work with it again). It’s just making the hat a tiny bit slow.⁠

And once again for anyone wondering, the orange is Madeline Tosh’s Mo Light base in Push Pop (they’ve got a yellow one called Edison Bulb that’s just as bright), white is Malabrigo’s Rios base in Natural. And this is one of the very very very few things that will not be a pattern because taking pictures of it makes me want to weep, and I’m not gonna do it.

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