Published On: March 23, 2021

I mean to be fair, I did swatch a few other combos before I settled in on the one I’ll be using.⁠

Two strands of the Silk Cloud (bottom) held together were a bit wispier than what I want for this project. And two strands of a different, slightly darker, alpaca fluff show were perfect (that’s the swatch on top), but I didn’t have enough of the yarn and couldn’t find more (largely because I don’t have any idea what yarn it is because the label has evaporated, so alas, I cannot tell you what it is no matter how plaintively you ask, if I knew, I would already have bought more!). So that’s out.⁠

But the fingering held double with the alpaca works out beautifully and is going to give me the softest, drapiest, most delightfully glowy fabric you can imagine. Seriously, this is going to be grand.

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