If I were only knitting for myself…
Published On: April 5, 2021

No, really, I was very much not kidding about the parade of swatches. There are So Very Many. I’m going to take pictures of them and then just randomly inflict them on you when the mood strikes.⁠

This, by the way, is an actual delight, but so wildly impractical that I would not inflict it on anyone else. I’m pretty sure if I tried to talk people into a project that needed three yarns, people would revolt.⁠

But…but I shall be borrowing bits of it and working them into something else. Which is yet another reason I staunchly maintain swatches are NOT a waste of time (or yarn…the yarn rips right back out, yes even the mohair). Swatches are yarn doodles and they teach you things and give you ideas and make your knitting better. If you let them.

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