And primped…
Published On: April 16, 2021

Ahem.⁠ What did I say?⁠ Did I not say this was lovely once it was blocked?⁠ I’m pretty darn sure I did.⁠

⁠Rundown for anyone playing along at home…⁠

It’s a new knit of my Lucent pattern (which as been unavailable for years and years but totally deserved to come back out). ⁠

It should be out very shortly (again, and as always, assuming nothing absolutely unspeakable happens to me or mine to delay things…the world feels scary these days and I get nervous saying ‘it’s out Tuesday’ even if the plan is for it to be out Tuesday).⁠

If you want it, be sure you’re on the mailing list and I’ll send you a note and a discount when it comes out.⁠ If you had it from ages ago when it was initially out, you’ll get an update when it comes out (not yet, so don’t panic that you don’t have it, but soon).⁠

Yarn is the lovely Bōsa by The Fiber Fox in Lake House. ⁠

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