Swatches, yes again!
Published On: April 23, 2021

It’s swatching time again! ⁠

I don’t think this will end up being the one I go with, but I kind of like showing off the swatches that don’t work out too. The stitch pattern I want to use is a little big to use with yarn this fat and still be able to offer a lot of sizes (if your stitch pattern is 18 stitches across, and you’re working at 4 stitches to the inch, that’s more than four inches for each stitch repeat, and that’s way too much space between sizes when you’re talking about a hat).⁠

There are ways to work around that, but I have something fairly specific in mind for this project, so I think going with a slightly smaller yarn will be the way to go.⁠

But, just because I know someone out there will want to know, this is officially Baah Yarn’s Sequoia base in the color Cityscape.⁠ I say officially because mine is very very different from the pictures I saw online (to the point where I wondered if I’d gotten the wrong color by accident when I opened my package, since the pictures I saw when I ordered looked like gray yarn with teal and mustard bits and in person this looks like light teal yarn with dark teal, mustard, and forest green bits).⁠

It’s still lovely! I will certainly find a use for it at some point. It’s just not what I thought I was buying.⁠

That said, color is just really hard online. Like basically impossible. So you sort of have to expect a certain amount of difference from what you see on your screen when you order online. Which is one of the seven thousand reasons local yarn shops are such a valuable resource and you should make a point of supporting them when you can. And just as soon as I finish putting my immune system through its paces with these lovely jabs, I will go back to shopping in them all the time!⁠

But not for a few more weeks. For the next several weeks any yarn I need will be ordered online and I will damn well be grateful for the folks doing all the work to make that possible.⁠ Though if anyone haaaaaappens to know someone doing a super bulky, single ply that’s actually gray with teal and mustard bits, I’m totally all ears!⁠

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