Wrapping up
Published On: May 4, 2021

Earlier this morning I sent an email out to my yarn shops letting them know that I’m down to my last tiny handful of copies of Curls 1 and Curls 2 and that I’m starting to run low on other titles and planning to have them all wrapped up by the end of the year.⁠

It’s a little bit sad (I’m a sucker for paper books and always will be). But it’s also the right choice for a whole host of super practical reasons (turns out getting a literal, actual ton of books delivered to your house a few times a year and then putting them in the mail is absolutely exhausting). ⁠

But, just in case any of you don’t happen to have paper books yet and will be sad if you don’t get them, consider this last call for Curls 1 & 2, and a warning that the rest are all going to be wrapped up by the fall. ⁠

If you want them, ask your yarn shop to get them for you (I, alas, absolutely positively cannot send them directly to individuals, it has to be through a shop, just have them email me and I’ll take care of them if I have copies left).⁠

You can also look on amazon (though what they have now is all they’re getting, I’m not sending more of the titles I’m low on to them). And of course there’s always the second hand market (though I’ll just mention up front that authors totally don’t set the prices on second hand books, so please please please don’t fuss at me or other authors if second hand copies of out of print books are surprisingly expensive). The electronic versions aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so you’ll also still have that option.⁠

But if you want new copies of paper books, those are just about gone. I feel a tiny bit weird mentioning it (like, it feels slightly over dramatic to assume you’d care?), but I also frequently hear from folks who are sad they missed out on earlier books, so it seemed worth mentioning just to be safe.⁠

And who knows, maybe in a few years I’ll decide I simply must do another paper book (a super duper nifty one…with every fancy doodad paper books can offer…can you tell I daydream about this?). But for now, I’m ready for a little break.⁠

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