Published On: May 11, 2021

Someone is absolutely bound to ask about the needles. So yes, they’re square! They’re made by Kollage. ⁠

I like them! But there is one thing to look out for. ⁠

They used to come in a bronze color, and I had problems with the bronze coating wearing off on the tips of the needles over time. I’ve actually got a bunch of sets I don’t use any more because the spots where the coating wore off catch on my yarn as I knit, and that will send a person into a screaming rage in short order. ⁠

But they’ve switched to silver needles, and those don’t seem to have that problem. So as long as you get the silver ones, not the bronze ones, I think you’ll love them (it looks like the newer silver ones might even have inch marks on the needles so you’ve got a built in ruler!). ⁠

They give me an ever so slightly tighter gauge than round needles of the same size, so I like having them as an option to fine tune the fabric I’m creating (the shape or material of your needles can change the fabric you make, so having more than one kind of the same size needles on hand can be surprisingly helpful). I used them here because I want my mitts (which will see harder wear) to have a slightly tighter fabric than my hat (which will work better if it’s a bit more drapey).

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