A Whole Stack of Socks
Published On: May 27, 2021

Just a quiet little mention that next month is shaping up to be all about socks. ⁠

Not in an organized, formal, preplanned sort of way. No, that’s apparently not how we’re doing things this summer. This summer has more of a pinball thing going on wherein we ricochet from one thing to the next, only just barely under control, overwhelmed by the loud noises and flashing lights, constantly in danger of activating the tilt sensor. It’s a whole vibe.⁠

More in a ‘huh, you know what, I have a whole bunch of awesome sock patterns that never made it back after The Great Pattern Reformatting of January 2020 (remember January 2020, before things got far more interesting than they needed to be), I should probably go ahead and bring those back out…because they’re nifty, and folks have been asking for them, and summer is a great time for socks’ sort of way.⁠

And since I do have Quite A Stack of sock patterns longing to see the light of day, and since June just sort of conveniently happens to have five Tuesdays in it this time through, it seems like a great excuse to bring out five of them in quick succession.⁠

I’ll chat about them here as they come out, but if you want me to send you an email (cause email folks always get bigger discount codes when stuff comes out), you can make that happen over here.

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