Let’s grab a donut
Published On: June 3, 2021

Yup, that will do nicely!⁠

Ok, general info round up, because I see a few folks have questions. ⁠

1) Yes, it will be a pattern! Very likely as early as next month if everything goes according to plan and there are no surprises.⁠

Here’s the gentle reminder that about 99% of the stuff I show on here is of my own design, and the vast vast vast majority of things that get beyond the swatch stage turn into patterns. I can think of literally one thing that got to the finished object stage (again, swatches totally don’t count, swatches happen in their multitudes and don’t always go somewhere) that didn’t get turned into a pattern (and on that one, I said repeatedly and from the beginning that it was a personal project not a work one). So if you ever see me make something, it’s pretty darn safe to assume it’s my own pattern, and I will eventually write it up to share.⁠

2) If you want to hear when it comes out, the mailing list is the way to do that (plus mailing list folks always get a bigger discount than the ones I talk about publicly). ⁠

I mean yes, I’ll post about it here too, but the algorithm is fickle and contrary. Sometimes it decides to toy with us and only show you some stuff and not others. If you want to do the mailing list, you can make that happen right here. ⁠

3) These yarns are mostly bits and pieces from my scrap bin with a scandalous lack of labels. However if you check out this instagram post, you’ll see a whole list of comments with useful yarn suggestions.⁠

4) If you want to call them bagels instead, I won’t stop you. But I’m going with donut because that allows for MUCH more colorful photos, and colorful photos do their job better. But you can totally leave them plain and call them bagels if that floats your boat.⁠

I think that’s all the questions. The “calories are good, calories are literally what keep you from dying, it’s ok to eat food, please stop with the ‘haha no calories’ comments” rant will come later if needed, but I maybe don’t have the energy to write that out carefully today.⁠

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