Published On: June 8, 2021

As promised, June is going to be all socks all month long.  The plan, assuming nothing goes alarmingly pear shaped over the next few weeks, is to do a sock every single Tuesday (and there are five Tuesdays this month!) so we can get a bunch of our old friends out of hibernation.  We started last week with Dippers, and this week’s sock is Greenhorn.

This is what happens when someone tries to talk me into straying from a top down sock with a heel flap (aka my one true sock love).  We end up with something that goes together very slightly differently, but still fits like a top down sock with a heel flap (because by all the woolly creatures in this world that’s what fits my feet best).  So if you’re looking for something that lets you wander very slightly away from the classic construction (without feeling like you’re going to give yourself a headache or be forcefully reminded of that mean geometry teacher), these could be just the ticket (and if you like this construction, check out Cleave as well, it goes together the same way)!

Oh and don’t worry, I totally included instructions for how to make these with a standard heel flap too.  Because I completely understand that some days you simply Do Not Want to try anything new. We’ve all had those days (it’s probably safe to assume I am just sort of generally having one of those days unless I’ve said otherwise).  And you don’t even have to decide which version you want to make until you get ready to start the heel flap.  So you can cast these on, knit the leg, and then pick your heel depending on how adventurous you’re feeling in the moment (I think of this as ‘going to a restaurant I know I love then deciding after I see the day’s menu if I want to get my standard favorite or try the daily special, but maybe I’m a weirdo).

The pattern is called Greenhorn and is up on both ravlery and payhip.  And you’ll find that the code SO MANY SOCKS will take 20% off any individual sock patterns or any sock books through the end of June! I know I have, um, rather a lot of patterns, so you can see the ones it will work for on either ravelry or payhip here.  (Oh, and I’m like 98% sure I managed to find all the socks, but holy wow do I have a whole bunch of them by this point, so if I managed to forget one and you find one the code doesn’t work on, let me know and I’ll fix it, but I think I got them all!)

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