Published On: June 15, 2021

As promised, June is going to be all socks all month long.  The plan, assuming nothing goes alarmingly pear shaped over the next few weeks, is to do a sock every single Tuesday (and there are five Tuesdays this month!) so we can get a bunch of our old friends out of hibernation.  We started with Dippers, did Greenhorn last week, and this week’s sock is Enchase.

This is absolutely me indulging my predilection for teeny tiny, twisty, one-stitch cables.  I find them unspeakably tidy and orderly and logical and satisfying (and yes, for anyone wondering, I absolutely did have that phase in high school where you draw celtic knots all over the borders of your notebooks instead of paying attention in chemistry class, why do you ask…).

And I kind of love how they look just a tiny bit intimidating to knit, but the pattern is actually so logical that, once you have the first few rows sorted, it all just kind of makes sense. Plus those are really just some of the prettiest heels and toes I ever did see.  I mean how can a person be expected to resist those.  Probably safest not to try!

The pattern is called Enchase and is up on both ravlery and payhip.  And you’ll find that the code SO MANY SOCKS will take 20% off any individual sock patterns or any sock books through the end of June! I know I have, um, rather a lot of patterns, so you can see the ones it will work for on either ravelry or payhip here.  (Oh, and I’m like 98% sure I managed to find all the socks, but holy wow do I have a whole bunch of them by this point, so if I managed to forget one and you find one the code doesn’t work on, let me know and I’ll fix it, but I think I got them all!)

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