Published On: June 23, 2021

So it turns out, the thing to do to make these donuts astonishingly nifty is to stuff them super Super SUPER full. Like ‘huh, I’m not sure I can actually get anything else in there’ type full. ⁠

I’m using weighted plastic pellets to stuff mine, and I can get just about six ounces of them in the big ones. These are the ones I like best (amazon links are affiliate links, and there’s a whole weird set of laws that say I have to mention that explicitly, hence me being a weirdo), but you can totally search for weighted plastic pellets if you want to look for something similar on your own. ⁠

Filling them up super full like that helps them be very very very round, and gives them the most delightful heft when you handle them. They sort of go plonk when you set them down and have a delightful thud if you toss them back and forth from hand to hand. I didn’t know that this was a characteristic I wanted in my knitted baked goods, but apparently it is, because wow they are fun to play with.⁠

You know…not that I play with these things, nope, not me, all serious grownup respectable work here. Uh huh. For sure. No question about it.

Pattern is due out in early July, do the mailing list thing if you want me to tell you when it comes out! In the meantime, start hunting for donut colored yarns (lots of people made yarn suggestions in the comments on this post) and tracking down beads for sprinkles and scraps of fuzzy yarns for icing!

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