Published On: July 6, 2021

You don’t need these. They serve absolutely no practical purpose. None whatsoever. But, much like real donuts, just because you don’t need them doesn’t mean you don’t want them.

Because really they are an awful lot of fun.  The knitting is easy (it’s almost all stockinette in the round). You don’t need much yarn (a couple dozen yards of your donut-colored yarn, plus a bit of icing-colored yarn if you want iced donuts). They only take a couple of hours of knitting time (yes, even if you’re a slow knitter like me). And as far as I can tell, they delight everyone who sees them.

And sometimes? Sometimes being quick and easy and generally delightful is more important than being useful.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

If you want to have a quick little indulgence, the pattern is out today.  It’s called Glazed, and it’s up on ravelry and payhip.  The code SPRINKLES will let you take 10% off in either place for the next few days.  Oh, and if you’re looking for any info about the stuff I used to make mine, I did a giant post about that last week and you can find it here.

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