Joining, part two
Published On: July 16, 2021

That top I started to fix a few weeks ago? Yeah, here’s attempts two (ripped out) and three (the winner).

So in case you don’t happen to follow my every word with breathless attention, this is the neck opening of a sweater. It’s open a bit farther down than I’d like, so I wanted to close it up a bit.

I started by trying to just stitch it freehand (that was the post from a few weeks ago), but things shifted around a bit too much, so I stuck it in an embroidery hoop to hold everything still. That helped quite a bit.

But even with that, I realized I didn’t like how the stitches looked when I made them with the doubled up embroidery thread (that’s the picture up above). The thread twisted up on itself and the stitches weren’t as uniform as I wanted.

So I switched to yarn, and now I’m happy with it. I’m going to continue this up to the top of that darker stripe there, and it will be perfect.

I, alas, do not know the name of the stitch (if it even has one), nor am I going to try and teach it to anyone. Embroidery is an amusing diversion, and teaching folks how to do things is my job, and I do not want to rub work vibes all over something I do for enjoyment.

The most I can say is that I bring the needle up through the fabric on one side of the neck, then under the topmost strand of yarn in the middle. Then up through the fabric on the other side of the neck, and under the new topmost strand of yarn in the middle. Repeat that back and forth, keeping the stitches an even distance apart, and it makes a little mesh panel.

But again, this is absolutely positively something I’m doing to my own clothes for my own amusement, not something I’m even going to pretend to teach anyone else (this is code for please please please do not ask me to teach you how to do it, I will say no, and it will make me sad).

If someone else happens to know what it’s called or know of a resource for doing something similar, feel free to leave it in the comments though. But I suspect you’re all totally clever enough to figure out something similar if you want to tweak something of your own!

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