Published On: August 17, 2021

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I mean it’s knitting, right?  The risk of things going horribly wrong is fairly low to begin with.  And it’s a tiny owl.  What’s the worst that could happen? The chances of fire or bloodshed or significant structural damage are very very low.

But what I failed to account for was my own slightly obsessive tendencies.  I mean we all knew I’d make more than one owl.  But that’s actually fine, having at least two lets me make sure I’ve streamlined the process and allows for some delightful photos.

But what I hadn’t realized was that I’d need to make the owl some friends.  And again, it seemed reasonable enough at first.  Who wouldn’t want a little fox to go with the owl.

But it quickly got out of hand.  At last count there are penguins, bats, and raccoons scattered about my office in various stages of completion.  And plans are afoot for several more critters (a rabbit is likely…and there could be a squid if I’m not careful).

And worst of all, the fuzzy little fiends started talking to me about their lives. I know Owlbert and Owllison here run a bookstore specializing in vintage children’s books.  I know their neighbors run a tea room and some friends of theirs have an antique store and there’s a new hat shop opening across the street.  And I know all about the penguin’s plans to open an ice skating rink this winter.  Basically, I have a whole storybook town happening in my head, and my but it’s noisy in there!

I’m not sure they’re going to allow me a moment’s peace until I knit the whole contrary bunch of them.  So if you decide to make this owl, this sweet, fluffy, innocent little owl, consider yourself warned.  You might be taking on more than you expect!

The pattern is called Tufted.  It’s out on both ravelry and payhip. And you can use the code HOOT to take 10% off for the first day or two the pattern is out.



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