Sneak attack
Published On: August 23, 2021

“Oh,” they say, “that will be easy,” they say, “just sneak up on her while she’s sleeping and plop it on her head,” they say. Thus confirming my suspicion that they have not ever tried to do any such thing. ⁠

My darlings, I’m fond of you all, but you underestimate the murder tendencies of this small ball of lint and needles. She is many things, but biddable is not one of them.

P.S. This isn’t something where I’m asking for advice! I’m just sharing a cute kitten photo, so please don’t offer suggestions. I know it’s well meant! But it can be surprisingly overwhelming to get a barrage of suggestions, no matter how well intentioned, from folks not familiar with the details of the situation, the goals I’m trying to achieve, the things I’ve tried already, and the resources available to me for future attempts. So this is one where I’d really appreciate it if no one offered any “helpful” suggestions. Thanks for understanding.

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