Stabby sweet
Published On: August 27, 2021

I love cotton sweaters. I love the tiny kitten. The tiny kitten loves to make biscuits on my cotton sweaters, and sometimes this happens.⁠

So I have to fix it.⁠

In this case, when it’s just One Single Split Strand, you can actually fix it pretty perfectly if you tuck the yarn back in and use matching sewing thread to splice the ends back together.⁠

But that will not be quite as sturdy as I like (I know myself, I know my laundry habits, it’s better if I fix this in a way that allows for rougher handling than that will permit). And I’ve been kind of wanting to doodle on my sweater anyway. So I have hatched A Plan.⁠

Part one of the plan is ‘stabilize the hole’ and that’s all done. ⁠

Part two is duplicate stitch a nice honking big patch over the whole area to shore it up and just look cool. ⁠

I actually made a video of myself doing that and posted it yesterday when I didn’t feel like doing actual work, and you can scroll back and see it in my instagram feed.⁠

Part three is close up an inch or two of the neckline of this with some blanket stitch because the designer of this garment and I have different ideas about how much of my boobs I want to have out taking in the sunshine.⁠

There’s a video of that too, because really, yesterday afternoon was NOT the time for sustained focus.⁠

Part four is doodle all over the silly thing with thread, and that is going to be so much fun and I am absolutely going to inflict it on you for the next several days, but we’re not quite there yet.

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