And this one too
Published On: September 13, 2021

Alrighty, and there’s that one sorted! ⁠

Same general Q&A apply to this sweater as to the last one. You can scroll back a few posts (look for the one with the five columns of yellow stitches) to see what I said last time, but the short versions are no I really can’t/won’t show you the whole sweater all at once (for I am mean and want you to suffer, or possibly because taking a picture of a sweater is actually kinda hard), no I don’t know if the stitch has a name (because seriously, this is just me doodling & I am not going to stop doodling to try and find out someone else’s names for things because again, I am mean), and yes I might maybe be convinced to do some patterns with embroidery on them (because wow is this fun, though that would be a next year thing at this point because somehow it’s September, how does that happen). ⁠

But I’m pretty sure I’m going to have the fanciest pj sweaters in all the land this fall!

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