Published On: September 27, 2021

Ok, let’s talk about the guts of these.⁠

There are two basic ways to make knitted fabric have shape. Either you do it with increases & decreases (or other fabric manipulation), or you do it with a teeny tiny bit of brute force. For the potion bottles, we’re doing a bit of both. You give the fabric more or less the right shape (round vs square) to start, then you rely on a little bit of help to shape it from the inside.⁠

That means you need something you can shove in your bottle. Which sounds a bit daunting and vague! How can we possibly know if we have the same stuff sitting around to shove in our knitting? But I promise, it’s easier than you might think to find something. All you really need is something small, smooth, lightweight, and waterproof! ⁠

Really, you can use an astonishing array of things you would normally throw away. Your easiest bet is the lid/cap off a jar/bottle, but you’ve got options.⁠

Here are a whole bunch of examples. I literally found these on a quick wander through my kitchen/bathroom/office, and I promise you could find five different lids that would work in any decent sized gas station convenience store. ⁠

Starting at the top red one and moving more or less clockwise you’ve got the lid off a can of cooking spray, a wooden building block, a yellow hand lotion container, the blue, purple, and clear lids off of a bunch of hair and skin products, a pink candy tin, a purple floss container, the black lid off a candy container, a green juice bottle lid, a yellow nail polish bottle lid, a lip balm container, a condiment cup, an empty spool of thread, a green easter egg, a wooden block, another condiment container, and some nailpolish/skinstuff bottles there in the middle. ANY of that stuff would work, as would pretty much any substantial lid off a bottle of water or juice. I’d bet money you throw away or recycle something that would work every single week.⁠

Seriously, everything I put in a bottle is something I had sitting around the house, and most of it is stuff that would have gone in the trash. Have a wander through your house and tell me what you find, I bet you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

The only thing you might need to buy is the corks (though honestly, I had a bunch in various spice and mustard and vinegar jars I’d accumulated over the years, and I suspect some of you do too).  But if you want to buy them, the variety packs are super useful. This is the one I used (amazon links are affiliate links, which I feel weird saying, but it’s sort of the law, so I do, even if basically no one else seems to bother…), and it has enough for dozens and dozens of bottles!

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