Emergency countermeasures
Published On: October 11, 2021

Look, it’s possible that you woke up this morning in a totally spotless house, having enjoyed nine full hours of deep and restorative sleep, ate a delicious and healthy breakfast, noticed, as you glanced in the mirror, that you are looking particularly radiant these days, and then settled into your work day and are absolutely smashing your to do list for the week. ⁠

And if that’s you, that’s great. I’m truly glad to know things are going that well for someone in the world. ⁠

But if you maybe awoke, sweaty and confused, to the sound of a cat doing something unspeakable on the hall rug, broke a nail cleaning up after said cat, realized the milk was off only after pouring it on the last of the cereal, and are now waiting on hold with the fourth appliance repair shop you’ve spoken to today in a desperate bid to find someone to deal with that weird noise the stove is making some time before Thanksgiving? ⁠

Well. Let’s just say I sympathize. Deeply.⁠

I am officially declaring that my plan is to cope by playing with toys. By which I mean I’m damn well getting out all my little fall-feeling nonsense and distracting myself from the big scary world out there by making the world in here feel soft and cozy and safe.⁠

If you want to do the same, three of my fall favorites are on sale for 25% off with the code COZY for the next few days. That will work on Nestled (that’s the little leaf buddies up there), Foraged (those are the mushrooms), and Hoard (those are the acorns). ⁠

They’re all available on both ravelry (those links above will take you to each of the individual patterns) or payhip. ⁠

And seriously, if you’re having one of those days…the ones where you would dearly like to go back to bed but really very much can’t, I hope they help. There’s absolutely no practical reason they should. But sometimes, somehow they kind of do!⁠

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