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Published On: October 27, 2021

I fully admit this is not the most stimulating picture of yarn you’re going to see today. But if it comes across your feed, I want you to take it as a tiny bit of encouragement to learn a new-to-you cast on.⁠

A year or two ago I learned how to do the pinhole cast on, and now I adore it. At first it seemed fiddly and wildly unnecessary and just generally not useful. Now I love it and use it frequently. ⁠

I knit different things because my brain has this way to start a piece of fabric tucked away down deep in the list of Things It Knows How To Do. And that’s pretty nifty.⁠

Same thing happened when I learned Judy’s magic cast on a few years before that. It felt fiddly at first, but now my hands know how to do it without any undue oversight from my brain. So that means when I’m thinking about how to make fabric do what I want, I have that option available to me. ⁠

And I think that makes you a better and more confident knitter. So if this wanders across your day, consider it an encouragement to learn something new. ⁠

It doesn’t have to be a cast on. But if you don’t have either Judy’s magic cast on or the pinhole cast on in your bag of tricks, I think you’ll like knowing how to do them. But it could just as easily be a new way to do increases or decreases or a new way to handle cables or maybe you want to learn brioche (you can seriously learn it in an afternoon, yes really). But try for something!⁠

Ok, your turn, tell me the knitting thing that seemed fiddly and unnecessary at first but now you love it. I want to know what else I need to learn!

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