Published On: November 17, 2021

There are things we can all agree on (climate change is real and tremendously dangerous, vaccines are a marvel of modern medicine and save countless lives, abortion is healthcare and anyone who needs one should have access to one).⁠

And then there the controversial things. Does pineapple belong on pizza (yes)? Do audiobooks count as real books (also yes). Is coffee an evil trick designed to trick you into drinking bitter bean water (once again yes).

And you know me. I try to refrain from stirring up needless controversy. But today I have to wade into the fray. Today we must tackle the issue of snowmen…arms or no arms.⁠

And I confess I’ve not yet made up my mind. So I’ll ask you folks. Tell me your feelings on this one. Do snowmen need arms with which to carry out their nefarious snow schemes? Or do arms make them far too spooky?⁠

I can be convinced either way, so leave me your most compelling argument in the comments. Whoever has the best explanation will win the next snowball fight they find themselves in. (And seriously folks, be nice, I’m currently laid up resting after my booster shot and for sure do not have the patience for any shenanigans in the comments…if you ⁠disagree about any of that stuff up top, this is for sure not the place for you and I’ll ask that you see yourself out quietly as opposed to making me escort you out, because that’s just tacky.) ⁠

Pattern is Shiversome, it’s out this week on ravelry and payhip, and you can use the code CHILLY for 10% off for the first few days its out!

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