Nature trash
Published On: December 6, 2021

To the folks who occasionally ask some version of ‘wait, are you telling me you just have a pile of rocks and sticks and pine cones and other nature trash out in your office All The Time?!?’ I say yes! Yes I do! I have it out all the time because I use it more days than not, and it would be silly to drag all that out and put it away every time I needed it.

I have an old bench from Target (meant to go in the front hall for changing shoes but I totally stole it because I’m a monster) by the glass doors in my office (excellent light when it’s not, you know, a rainy day in December in Maine).

On top of it rest the largest, flattest slabs of rock I could drag out of the yard. The biggest of them make a flat surface, and the smaller ones are piled up to make a little height and a little background for when I need to take a picture of something from the side (instead of laying down flat).

Scattered around on top in various stages of disarray are some smaller useful rocks (good for propping things up or weighing them down), driftwood, pine cones, and a hunk of moss (the moss blew off a tree in a storm, I brought it inside and am keeping it as a houseplant, I set it outside when it rains and it seems very happy, do not yell at me about irresponsible moss harvesting). These bits change with the seasons and are added to as I wander around outside and find treasures. My last several trips found me bringing home rocks and sticks and shells as souvenirs instead of t shirts or mugs, and I am not sorry about it at all.

They whole setup comes in very handy for taking pretty pictures for instagram/the blog. It also works well for taking step-by-step photos for patterns (that’s what’s going on here, though what you see in the pattern will be focused on just the tiny area right around my needle tips).

Plus I kinda think it’s pretty, depending on what’s on there on any given day!

The only downside is that some folks think it’s weird (and there’s one lady who is CONVINCED I have a fake rock background and occasionally messages me to let me know she’s on to my sneaky tricks, which seems like a weird level of investment in a stranger). But I’m ok with that!

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