Sky dandruff
Published On: December 10, 2021

It’s snowing. It’s snowing, and I don’t approve of it one bit.⁠

And I am TRYING to force myself to be jolly about it (hence the snowbuddy here being all seasonal and festive and adorable), but it is not notably effective at the moment. The fact that neither of the primary heating systems in my house have worked at any point this winter and that we do not know when they will work again is not helping (yes, we’re working on it, all the parts are on order, but the supply chain problems/labor shortages are a nightmare, we’re safe, our cats are safe, our pipes are safe, no suggestions please, I really really really really really mean it).⁠

So help me out…tell me nice things about snow.⁠

Right now all I’ve got is ‘at least it’s not humid,’ but that may not be enough to get me through this day. I need a barrage of sledding and marshmallows and woolly mittens and possibly like puppies frolicking in the snow. Hit me with your best snow feelings.

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