Frivolous Things
Published On: December 22, 2021

One of these days, when I am fabulously wealthy (snort) and can spend my money on absurdly frivolous things (more fervent snort), I will find a way to talk with a paper company and get this exact paper made in colors I like better (snort that is so strong it is basically a coughing fit).⁠

I’ve tried /several/ (no, really, seriously, quite a few) different papers from increasingly distant and complicated places and never found one with a texture I like better (this is where I mention about how this is a subjective opinion, and it’s totally totally ok if you don’t share my exact proclivities! which texture of paper I like best for a personal craft project is for sure not something I’m up for defending or even explaining on the internet), but I don’t love the colors.⁠

But wow oh wow if I ever get to ‘neither you nor anyone you know and love will ever have to worry about money ever again’ levels of comfort (which, let’s be honest, I picked the wrong profession for that, especially as I live in a dystopian hellscape where something like being in a car accident or getting sick can easily bankrupt a person), I’m going to get some Very Fancy Custom Paper made. ⁠

Because that’s apparently the sort of helpless weirdo I am.⁠

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