Published On: December 31, 2021

And there’s the pair of them, all shiny and done. ⁠

Just as a little reminder, the pattern will be out early in the new year (assume all the standard ‘as long as no giant catastrophes befall me or mine between now and then’ disclaimers go here, because good grief but the world feels prone to catastrophe right now).⁠

There will be several different variations in the pattern (probably three…I must exercise some semblance of restraint).⁠

The yarn is a special bit of magic from Gauge Dye Works (and you should absolutely go check them out for the details, because you should probably preorder that right quick if you want it for when the pattern drops!), but I’ll include info on how to use other yarn as well, don’t worry (there are So Many Fun Options for this one)!⁠

And with that, we shall close out this rather challenging year and hope for better times to come. Because wow could we all use a break.

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