Published On: January 18, 2022

Am I doing something just the tiniest bit extra with the blocking on one or two of these? Why yes, yes I am.

Do you have to do it to? Um, no. No I do not expect anyone else to be quite this enthusiastic. In the interest of full disclosure, even I am not this enthusiastic and I will not be doing this to every blippy on the hat when I block it.

But I had one or two spots that would benefit from a bit of extra persuasion, and I know I can’t actually be the most particular person in the world, so I figured fine, why not share the compulsion (details of what I’m doing and how will be in the pattern, along with firm reassurance that you do not have to do any such thing)

Assuming no more heating systems try to burn my house down, no more chunks of my roof blow off in windstorms, no more pipes freeze, no more cats decide to play volcano and spew various fluids over anything important (last week was just spectacular, absolutely spectacular), and my household manages to continue evading the rampaging plague, this should be out a week from today. The yarn is already up for preorder over on Gauge Dye Works’ page, so if you know you simply must have it, you can grab that now and be all set when the pattern drops!

Meanwhile I’ll be tending to the aforementioned heating systems, roof, pipes, and cats. Because adulthood is just so much fun.

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