Speckle vs sparkle
Published On: January 23, 2022

Look, I was fairly direct about the ‘huh, yeah, pretty much the same as last time, just maybe a bit taller’ stage we were about to enter. So while I acknowledge that ‘same, but an inch or two bigger’ might not be the most scintillating content ever to cross your feed, you can’t really say you were misled.

Besides, you’re mostly knitters. I suspect you all have a certain sympathy with the ‘right, now do that for six more inches’ phase of a project.

And yes, yes the yarn is yummy. And so far I’ve *mostly* restrained the urge to pick at the occasional rogue speckle that feels slightly out of place. That way lies madness, and we’re not succumbing to that particular compulsion right this minute if we can avoid it.

Though I did give in and lift out the two tiny bits of sparkle, because speckle is my jam, but sparkle is not. We all have our limitations.

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