Better in sets
Published On: February 24, 2022

Wanna make this hat? If you knit it, and show it off online, I’ll send you pattern for the matching mitts for free (they have such a pretty thumb). Details below!

I’ll start with the short version, because we’re all tired, but there are more details at the end if you have questions.

Short version:

  1. Make sure you’re on the mailing list and grab this hat when it comes out (it should be out March 1).
  2. Post a picture of the finished hat on a human head on either ravelry or instagram before the mitts come out (later in March, probably March 22).
  3. When the mitts come out, I’ll send the mailing info on how to share a link to the picture with me. If you do, I’ll send you the matching mitt pattern for free!

Ok, that’s the short version. If you already know you’re in, just make sure you’re on the mailing list, (I’ll go over all the details again in the email that goes out to the list when the hat goes live, and again when the mitts go live, so you don’t have to read the rest of this now if you don’t feel like it), grab the pattern when it comes out, knit it up, and show it off. Then check your email again when the mitts come out and we’ll make it happen!

But if you want more details, we can do that too.  Let’s do it Q&A style.

Long version:

  • Do you have to be on the mailing list? Yup! That’s the only really practical way for me to get the same info to everyone at the same time and for you to share your info with me so I can send you the code for the mitt pattern. You can absolutely totally unsubscribe once you’ve got the mitts, there’s a link on every single email, I won’t mind at all (I won’t even know).
  • What dates are we looking at? The plan right now is for the hat pattern to go live on Tuesday, March 2.  The mitts will follow later in March. My best guess is March 22.  Could be a week earlier, could be a week later.  Given the state of the world, I’m, ahem, hesitant to cast any date in stone.  But the plan is March 22.  So you should have plenty of time to knit the hat and post a picture of it before the mitts go live.
  • Am I going to steal your photos? Nope! Your photos are yours! What I might do is say ‘oh, hey, you can see projects folks have made over here’ and then link to the projects tab in ravelry or to posts on instagram (sort of like I’ve often done with other patterns in the past).  But I’m not going to use your photos in the pattern or on my site or on the pattern listing.  Your photos are yours, I’m not going to take them!
  • Do you have to use ravelry? Nope! You can share your photo on either ravelry or instagram, either one is totally fine.  And I’ll have a way for you to get the mitt pattern either on ravelry or on payhip as well.

I think that probably covers all our bases, but I’ll post about it again as we get closer to the mitt release.  But for now, all you need to do is make sure you’re on the mailing list, share a picture of the hat on ravelry or instagram after it comes out, show me where, and I’ll get you the mitt pattern free when it comes out!

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