Published On: February 26, 2022

Did I take the wee little hatchlings out to the woods with me the last time I was out and about?


Do I regret the choices that have led me to this place in life?⁠

Nope. Not really at all.⁠

Now, my goal for these is to have them out for you some time around the beginning of spring in these parts.*⁠

The pattern’s all done and ready to go. I just have to get outside and do a photo shoot. Well…I also have to do an extensive survey of which easter candy will be cutest at said photo shoot. But that won’t be much of a hardship!⁠

As always, do the mailing list thing if you want to be sure to see them when they come out. I’ll talk about it on instagram of course, but my oh my does instagram sometimes have some, ahem, ‘whimsical’ ideas about which posts they’ll show you. ⁠

I can’t control that (all hail the algorithmic overlords? I guess?), but I can totally send you an email!⁠

Now…who makes the cutest candy eggs. I need to know. For science you understand!⁠

(*Yes, yes I’m a northern hemisphere person. A cold climate region northern hemisphere person at that. Anyone taking the time to point out that spring happens at different points in different places will be at best subjected to a gently raised eyebrow and a slight head tilt, at worst summarily blocked. You would be absolutely amazed how many folks interpret me saying anything at all about the season or weather Where I Physically Am as a plea to explain to me that ‘well, actually, seasons and weather vary with your location on the globe.’ I implore you all to stop doing this. It’s weirdly exhausting when it happens on a large enough scale. A LOT of things are weirdly exhausting the tenth or fiftieth or hundredth time they happen. Seriously. You, personally, can make your favorite internet people’s lives better by vowing to never ever ever do that ever ever again.)

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