If not today, then when
Published On: April 1, 2022

Look, I am normally Quite Immune to the charms of April Fools’ Day.  I’m a very literal little soul, and often somewhere between perplexed and troubled by the things people think of as pranks.  So there will be no shenanigans of that sort here.  But I do have a certain proclivity to tiny nonsense.  And today seemed like a fine time to show it off.

So, for today only, use the code FOOLISHNESS for 20% off all my tiny things. As usual, if you were on the mailing list as of yesterday, check your inbox, you’ve got a much bigger discount waiting for you there.⁠

The code will work on both ravelry and payhip through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday April 1, 2022.⁠  Those links will take you to pages that show you the full list of eligible patterns.

And, in the very nicest possible way, if you’re about to send me a message saying you’re mad you missed it or you didn’t see this till after it was over, the secret to not missing out next time is being on the mailing list.  Which I feel bad saying so bluntly!  But it really is the most practical way to do time sensitive stuff.

Now, I’m going to spend the day on instagram just absolutely showing off these piles of absurdities.  so if you want to see any of them up close and personal, do wander over there and keep an eye on things as the day progresses.

Once again, the code FOOLISHNESS will take 20% off the silly stuff on both ravelry and payhip through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday April 1, 2022.

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