Up to today
Published On: April 4, 2022

So, this brings us up to today.⁠

Well, more or less. All the pictures I’ve been showing you of these to date have been from the June 2021 reemergence (yes, yes this is starting to sound like a brood of cicadas, I fully realize it). I probably owe you a current picture of the whole pile here at some point soon.

But I have Two Hats and Two Pairs of Mitts and Two Completed Patterns.⁠

I have the pattern files heading to testers.⁠

The knits are about to get blocked.⁠

And next week, I’m going out to wander off somewhere pretty and take pictures of these. ⁠

We’ll have to figure out how to handle the slightly weird situation of ‘right, so, I have two copies of these in shockingly similar yarns,’ but after all this pattern has been through, I’m sure we won’t let that stop us.

Your job…your job in this is to remember that I have promised that these shall be Out Very VERY soon, and to (gently gently gently oh so very gently) hassle me if they are not forthcoming. ⁠Actually no. I’m not up for even the most gentle of hassling. Let’s reframe that as gently ENCOURAGE me.⁠

Full disclosure, the wee little nest and eggs are going to come out first (Tuesday, assuming nothing goes completely tits up on me between now and then, because I want you to be able to have them in time for easter if that’s your jam). ⁠

But then this hat and mitts should be The Very Next Things after that.⁠

Hold me to it (again, gently, if you’re mean to me, I will just flat out cry right now, and no one looks good blotchy). ⁠

I don’t think I have it in me to send them back to the depths of the closet again, they deserve to see the light of day!

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