Yarn giveaway over on IG
Published On: April 9, 2022

Let’s do a little giveaway! I’ve got a spare skein of each of the lovely yarns from Gauge Dye Works that I used for my Stochastic pattern, and I want to send them out to new homes!⁠

Stochastic a fun little pattern where you can either put together your own yarn combos (there’s oodles of info on how in the pattern, don’t worry, it’s not hard) or you can use Clever Yarn That Knows Secret Tricks and does the work for you (that’s what the lovely Gauge Dye Works made for us). All the color change bits are all dyed right into the yarn, so you just knit and just trust the yarn to work its magic.⁠

If you think one of them should be yours, head over to instagram and leave a comment on this post (you have to do it on instagram, I don’t do comments on the blog any more) telling me the most fun thing you’ve done with clever yarn (or seen done, or plan to do, because wow do I get that not all plans have yet come to fruition), and which color is your first choice. ⁠

You don’t have to be following me or Gauge Dye Works (I mean, it would be lovely if you did, but let’s keep this as chill as possible). And you do NOT have to tag a friend (because really, I’ve never once in my life reacted to being tagged in such a thing with ‘oh gee cool,’ it’s always been ‘oh, ugh, staaaahp it’ and that is more or less the opposite of the feeling I want folks to associate with my work…why do places DO that?). ⁠

You just need to be an adult, leave a comment, and have a US mailing address (I love you all, but international postage is unholy, and I cannot afford to spend that much money to send you free yarn).⁠

Leave comments between now and the end of the weekend. I’ll reach out to winners early next week. If you win, I’ll DM you to ask for your address, and I’ll need to hear back from you within 48 hours or else I’ll pick a new winner. ⁠

If you want to see All Sorts Of Stuff about the yarn and the hat, click right here and I bet pretty much everything you want to know is there.⁠

And if you want to see other folks’ hats or show off your own, look here: #stochastichat⁠.  And, once again, just to avoid confusion, you can only leave comments over on this specific post on instagram (because I’m mean and tired and overwhelmed and I really needed to unify all the comment stuff in one place, and that place needed to be instagram, because that’s how the internet works these days).

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