Coming on
Published On: April 13, 2022

I…I’m feeling a little embroidery project coming on.⁠

I rather enjoy embroidering on my knits these days. And I’ve got a cotton sweater that I threw in dyepot one day last summer, and then left lay out on the rocks in the garden for a few days sort of by accident, and the sun/rain did all sorts of neat things with the color. ⁠

And now I want to doodle all over it with string.⁠ Because yeah, sure, why not. Seems as good a thing to do with my time on this earth as anything else.⁠

Though if check with Miss Fizzy in this (oh so very blurry) picture, you’ll see that at least one of the mammals in this house thinks I should Stop That Nonsense And Get Back To The Important Petting Which I Have Shamefully Neglected For WHOLE MINUTES IN A ROW.

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