Published On: April 15, 2022

Do I have a Significant Surplus of inexpensive, middling quality, cotton sweaters that I live in around the house during the half of the year when it’s not either freezing or roasting?⁠


Do I have an intense longing for the details of hand knit sweaters and an absolute lack astonishing amount of fortitude it takes to knit a sweater?⁠

Yup on both counts.⁠

Do I have a shocking number of bits of yarn and a tendency to…poke at things to make them suit me better?⁠


I think I am in big big trouble here folks.⁠

That was easy enough and quick enough and pretty enough that I suspect I’ll be doodling it allllllllll over this sweater.⁠

But also, um, easy enough and quick enough that I’m pretty sure I can use it in a pattern without regretting my life choices.⁠

Swatches incoming, brace yourselves.

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