Much better
Published On: April 25, 2022

There we go, that’s what I wanted on this side!⁠

And I’m working on a slightly different blue for the other side, but I wanted to get this side finished up first.⁠

Now, every time I try a color, decide it’s not for me, then try another one I like better, some folks will come along and say they liked the first color better. ⁠

Which I get! We all have our preferences! And color is for sure one of those things where you like what you like and that’s great, you for sure do not need to justify or explain it!⁠

But I do always find myself wondering what, precisely, they expect me to do when they say they liked the other one better?⁠

Me: Ooooh, I wasn’t quite sold on that previous color, but I love this new one!⁠
⁠Them: I liked the old one better.⁠
⁠Me: Ok. I didn’t. ⁠

Feels weird right? I can’t be the only one who think that feels weird.⁠

Me: Yay, I finally found a color I’m really happy with!⁠
⁠Them: The other one was prettier.⁠
⁠Me: Huh, I sure didn’t think so. But thanks for letting me know? I guess?⁠

It just feels like such an odd comment. And I find myself wondering where else they do it and if they’d do it in person, or if it only feels ok online.⁠

If their friend came up to them and said ‘I love my new haircut!’ would they say ‘I liked the old one better?’ Or if their friend said ‘oooh, I painted my bathroom the most delightful shade of blue!’ would they say ‘it looked better white?’⁠

Maybe they would! People do all sorts of astounding things. Though I do wonder how they feel if folks say such things to them.

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