Published On: April 28, 2022

Let’s talk about this. Yes, there will be a pattern! But…⁠


I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about what is and isn’t feasible to put into a single pattern.⁠

Because wow oh wow is this one of those projects where my inclination is to add in an absurd number of variations and options and experiments. I could very easily turn this into six months of work and fifty pages of content.⁠

And I would have SO MUCH FUN DOING IT! That’s actually my brain’s happy place. I love nothing more than taking the time and space to really explore an idea in depth.⁠

But wow can I not put all that into an eight or ten dollar pattern. I simply can’t. No matter how much I might want to. It’s much closer to a book’s worth of work to create, and I can’t do a book’s worth of work for a single pattern’s sale price. ⁠

But I also can’t go back to doing books (for a host of very good reasons that I’ve talked about at length in other places and so will not rehash here, just please know that they are 100% not an option for me right now, so please don’t suggest it, no matter how well meaning the suggestion).⁠


I’m starting to think patreon is the answer! Because doing a normal pattern (one that’s a reasonable length and cover a reasonable amount of stuff) and listing that like a currently do is totally feasible. I do it all the time. But I could also use patreon to share some of the extras I always long to include but have to hold back on because things get absurd rather quickly if I’m not kept in check. Which sounds delightful!⁠

I get to play with the stuff I love to do. Folks who want all that nonsense have a way to get it at a price point that makes it feasible for me to create it. And folks who don’t want all that nonsense can get the regular version at a regular price.⁠

I need to think a bit more about how I want to structure things before I commit to anything official (that’s me telling you now, details will change over time). And we shall, at all times, be keeping this low stress and low key and low commitment and low structure. Because the world is scary and mean and that’s all I’m up for right now. ⁠

But wow does this have potential…

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