Published On: June 20, 2022

Did I spend the weekend sewing? Yup, yup I did. And we all know what the first step in sewing is right?

No, not picking a pattern. No, not buying fabric. No, not even washing & ironing fabric (my petition to change the name from ‘sewing’ to ‘advanced ironing with occasional stabbing’ remains active).

No, clearly the most important thing is to knit yourself a spool of thread to use as a pin cushion. That’s my theory & I’m sticking to it.

This is also one of the most marvelous of things, an excuse to use magnets in your knitting (so your pins will stay where you put them). Any time I get to use a magnet in my knitting, it’s a win.

Yes, it will almost certainly be a pattern (most everything I knit is eventually a pattern), probably later this summer!

[super secret bits go here]

That secret thing for mailing list folks that I mentioned last week? That’s due to happen tomorrow (that’s Tuesday June 21). So if you’re not on the mailing list already, today’s pretty much the last day to sneak in before we do the thing (you can sign up over here)!

Everything is ready to go on my end. The only question is whether the supreme court will pick that day to strip half the residents of this country of one of their fundamental human rights. If that happens, well, it won’t really feel like the day to do a big sale on knitting patterns now will it (& wow is it weird to find myself trying to plan my work schedule around when a bunch of horrible people are going to take away my right to control my own body…that is really not what I thought being a knitwear designer was going to be like).

But, assuming those absolute monsters hold off on further disenfranchising half the population for a few more days, look for that email tomorrow.

(Oh, in case you couldn’t tell, this is your occasional reminder that I am 100% pro abortion. It’s lifesaving medical care, & anyone who wants or needs one should be able to get one at any point. If you don’t like it, I’d very much rather you saw yourself out, no need to make a fuss on the way.)

[end super secret bits]


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