Second wire
Published On: July 6, 2022

Next step, do pretty much the exact same thing up top.

This really is exactly the same process as at the bottom, so I’ll just sort of vaguely gesture at the previous post and assume you can handle it.  Just pick your point, run your wire through, work your way around, and stretch it out.

Don’t be afraid to fiddle with the wire to adjust how much tension it’s putting on your fabric. And remember you can stick a binder clip on the wire if the fabric is pushing back and making your circle close up too much.

But the goal is just to shove a wire in there in a fairly orderly fashion to hold your fabric open!

P.S. This cowl is called Evolve, and it’s currently available in Jen Arnall-Culliford’s lovely book, Confident Knitting. Later this year the rights come back to me, at which point I’ll release it individually. As part of the prep for that, I got another sample knit, and I’m using it to show you how I block things like this.

Don’t worry, I’ll come back and tell you when the pattern is available individually.  Chances are good that will be September, but these last few years have left me wary of promising any specific dates.

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