What are the chances
Published On: August 22, 2022

Hey Brain, what are the chances you remember how to do brioche?⁠

Not good, Fingers, not good at all.⁠

But Brain, you LIKE brioche. You find it soothing. You find it pleasant.⁠

Well yes, Fingers, I did. But I haven’t done a lick of it in at least two years. And it’s been a rather eventful two years. Like, the bad kind of eventful. The trauma kind of eventful. The kind that makes you forget all sorts of shit. And brioche was a newly acquired skill, which means it will have faded fast. Neither you nor I remember how to do that right now.⁠

But Brain, some unexpected yarn just sort of appeared in the mail from a friend. And it’s the exact sort of yarn that cries out to be turned into brioche. So what if I just sort of leave it lying about, kinda nearby, just to see if you happen to remember how.⁠

I mean, I suppose you could try that Fingers, but it will probably end in the hurling of either yarn, epithets, or both before we’re done.⁠

That’s fine…we’ll just leave it here and see what happens…⁠

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