We did it!
Published On: September 28, 2022

We did it! We hit the goal I set for patreon, and so I’ve sent a donation off to Women on Waves (the organization that Aid Access asks folks to donate to support their work).⁠

Aid Access will help you get abortion pills entirely online. They will send them to you, no matter what state you live in. And they offer pricing on a sliding scale so everyone has access.⁠ You can order them even if you’re not pregnant to have on hand in case you need them later. I did exactly that earlier this summer. Things are scary enough now that I think you should too.⁠

I’ve just sent off the first donation (it’s slightly over $150 because the parent organization is based in the Netherlands, so it’s in euros, but I promise I’ll always do the conversions such that I send at least as much as promised). I’ll send them $150 a month, every month, for as long as the patreon stays more or less where it is (if I keep getting more folks, I’d love to eventually increase it and add in other organizations doing good work). ⁠

I’ve heard privately from some of you who were in tough spots and really needed information about abortion pills. So some time soon (likely next month), I’ll take a couple of days and pull together a list of useful resources and put it both here on the blog and as a highlight on instagram so it’s easy to find.⁠

And yes, yes it feels so very deeply strange to be talking about this. I write knitting patterns. I knit cheerful, adorable little bits of fluff, take pretty pictures of them, tell cute stories about them, and write instructions so you can make them too. That’s…that’s not the sort of job that prepares you to shout about things on the internet. It’s just not. ⁠

But Roe was overturned. More than half of the states have some sort of abortion ban in place (in various stages of litigation, it changes daily). Senators are trying to institute a national ban.⁠

It’s terrifying.⁠

The only thing I can think to do is make damn sure anyone who hangs out with me knows that abortion pills are safe and effective and you can easily get them online. And then to throw money at the folks doing the work.⁠

Thank you for helping me do that.

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