Monthly reminder
Published On: October 17, 2022

Here’s your monthly reminder that abortions are good, I am staunchly pro abortion, and if you support me, I will absolutely give some of your money to causes I believe in. My very first patreon goal was to set up a recurring donation to help pay for abortions, and that’s what we’re doing here.

Aid Access provides abortion pills by mail to people in all 50 states. Abortion pills are safe and effective and give people the ability to terminate their own pregnancies at home without going to the doctor. You can order them right now, even if you’re not pregnant, just to have on hand. I did exactly that earlier this year. Maybe you should too.

Aid Access asks that donations to support their work be made to Women on Waves, so that’s what we’re doing. I’m donating $150 a month to Women on Waves thanks to the folks on patreon (they’re a dutch organization, so the donation is in euros, but I promise I’ll always do the math such that they get at least $150, just it isn’t a nice neat number once you do the conversion, so it looks funny on the picture).

I do this for a couple of reasons. First, because they’re doing tremendously important work, I want to support that work, and giving them money is the best way to do that.

Second, because I do not have a ton of resources, and I can’t give enough money to actually fix anything. But I do have a good sized audience and I want to make damn sure you all know that abortion pills are safe and effective and available online right now, even if you’re not pregnant. So I’m going to say that. Repeatedly. Regularly.

And finally, because I want to make damn sure that anyone who chooses to follow me or support my work knows exactly where I stand. It’s better for everyone involved if that’s clear. If it means I’m not the person for you, that’s fine, you’re welcome to see yourself out.

But I sorta suspect that by this point, most of you feel the same way I do. And wow is it wonderful to know that. So thank you. You makes this very scary world feel just a bit less grim.

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