Published On: October 29, 2022

I love these more than I should admit.⁠

⁠And…um…I may somehow accidentally be 90 pages into a book of instructions on how to make them? Because these things tend to happen when I’m left unsupervised? Apparently?⁠

I’ll explain the details of that starting next week, but the quick and dirty version is ‘it’ll come out at the very end of November, and if you’re in one of the patreon tiers where you get stuff between when it comes out and the end of January, you’ll get if, after that it will be available to buy elsewhere, but only patrons are getting it this year.’ ⁠

Again, I’ll go over the details of it starting next week (this is my super sneaky way of saying please wait till I put up all the details to ask questions, I promise I’ll explain it all in alarming detail then), but I think this is going to be fun!⁠

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