Published On: December 8, 2022

So, I know a fair number of you are decorating trees or wrapping presents or sending cards right about now. And I maintain that teeny tiny knitted hats come in handy in all those circumstances. So Bedeck is back!If you happened to be on the mailing list before about 7 this morning (eastern time, because time zones are a thing, no matter how much I curse them), wander over and check your email. You’ll find a little something waiting for you there!

If you happen to be on patreon (at any level), you should also go check your email (or, you know, however you keep up with your patreon notifications, I know there are a few different ways folks have things configured). I have it on good authority that patrons will find both ornament-sized versions and people-sized versions waiting for them, just in case such a thing appeals to you.

Because well, I was in there playing around with the ornament pattern to make baby hats to welcome some new people into the world.

And if you’re going to rearrange it to work for babies, it’s not that hard to just go ahead and make it work for everyone!

So now there’s a people-sized version (seven sizes, six gauges, should fit just about anyone and work in pretty much every yarn thickness) for patrons to go with the ornament-sized version in the original.

I was not quite brave enough to put tassels on baby hats (my experience with babies is limited, but that seemed like asking for trouble). But I’m totally in favor of you putting them on your hat if you’re so inclined. I’m pretty sure they’d look great on you!

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